The FAN token

NFTs market

As a token holder you can create anything of value that you own as an NFT. Fan artwork, memorabilia, pictures, videos… Imagine you own a never-before-seen clip of a cool goal shot directly from your seat at the stadium. Create your unique NFTs with several clicks and easily trade them on our marketplace.

Fair Betting

Similar to prediction market model, each participant can open a bet by stacking the fan tokens, while other participants can accept the bet and form a bet pool supporting. But always without any hidden commissions or fees, to always offer the best quotes in comparison to any betting bookie. You set the rules.


DeFi Applications

FAN (and Fan Club Tokens) can be lent to other players, provided together with other pairs to liquidity pools together with more decentralized finance application scenarios allowing to make extra profits.

Staking and Farming

Use your FAN tokens in dozens of different applications to earn and get rewarded.


Fans’ Support Tokens

But that’s just the beginning…

The fans will decide when FAN protocol launches Fans’ Support Token for every top team of the major sports worldwide!

Fans’ Support Tokens are for you, our community, as a reward mechanism for backing up the vision. No sales, no funding, no commercial use.

Take action now with each Team’s Fan Token:



Tickets to games, rare memorabilia, private events. Each of your Fans’ Support Tokens will act as a ticket to these exclusive raffles. The more you own, the more chances you have to win.

VIP Access

Access to different sales and organised events only accessible to each team’s Fans’ Support Token holders.

Support and Earn

Earn just for being a supporter of your favourite team. Our network is connected to blockchain oracles to stream data from various sports resources & validate on-chain the results of the previous matches. Depending on the performance of your team you can get extra profits.

eSports Competitions

Compete defending your team by challenging other Fans’ Support Token holders. Represent your team, beat others at eSports games and earn huge rewards. Or if you don’t wish to play, simply bet on other players for the victory!


Fans DAO
You own the fan club. You set the rules.

FAN protocol is moving towards decentralized autonomous organization where fans fully manage the network rules and can create other tools in the ecosystem. Nevertheless, a special pool of tokens will be allocated for betting pools to reward early users before the network gets enough traction.



H1 2021

- First batch of Fans’ Support Token

H2 2021

- Betting pool(s) through oracles

- Second batch of Fans’ Support Token
- Governance token launch and DAO whitepaper

H1 2022

- NFT creation platform & marketplace

- DeFi pools

H2 2022

- DAO & allowance of issuing new Fans’ Support Token decided by community
- eSports competition & betting


FAN Token
sticky brand-logo

A governance token and liquidity reward token for the pools

Fans’ Support Tokens Roadmap

$FAN is a community-driven project willing to create the biggest fan community worldwide and the first sports full DAO.

Therefore, DAO and fans will decide everything. The team and the launch date for every Fan’s Support Tokens will be selected by the community. By the the fans.

Stay tuned!!